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We have drawn our seasoned professionals from a wide spectrum of places

Slate is a microcosm of the world we live and work in. Our nearly 100 professionals are drawn from a wide spectrum of places, religions and socioeconomic backgrounds – our only prejudice is against mediocrity. What we share in common is a pursuit of excellence as professional recruiters and a common passion to be a leader in the human capital industry.

While we are known for our pioneering use of technology in identifying, assessing, recruiting and developing industry leaders, these tools do not replace our focus on customer service. Slate has grown through a deep understanding of people, organizational dynamics and business strategies; it is through this knowledge that we deliver premium customer service and consistency of results.

President, Slate Upper Mainland, Inc./Principal - IT & Telecommunication Services

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Pam Thai

Recruiting Principal, Slate Group of Companies
Principal – IT & Telecommunication Services

Pam is of British-Chinese origin and is a native speaker of both English and Cantonese. She also speaks French through having attended a business school in France and is highly proficient in Japanese. She attended university in Leeds in the U.K. and holds a degree in International Business Studies.

Pam has more than 11 years experience in the executive search industry in Tokyo and leads a very strong multinational team of recruiters in Tokyo and Canada in the area of IT & Telco services. Pam has great connections within her specialist fields. Her professionalism is constant and she is a natural leader.

Pam divides her time between managing the Slate operation in Prince Rupert, BC and recruiting for her clients in Japan.

Ray Pedersen, CEO

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Ray Pedersen

Chairman, Slate Group of Companies

Ray was selling gardening services door-to-door at the age of ten. Driven and persistent, he has founded numerous startup enterprises over the years, ranging from lumber trading to Recruitment to Media and software development.

From his late teens to early 40s he spent about 20 years in Asia, primarily in Japan. He speaks Japanese proficiently and has a deep understanding of Japanese business environment.

Those close to him describe him as being relentless in the pursuit of goals. He is a four-time recipient of the Order of Sport Excellence from the Province of Manitoba. He is an avid skier and squash player. Ray is based in Prince Rupert, BC, Canada with his wife and children and is actively involved in the day-today operations of the Slate Group, especially internal recruiting, training and business development.

Ryan Marshall, Managing Director, Slate Global Human Capital, Hong Kong

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Ryan Marshall

Managing Director, Slate Global Human Capital, Hong Kong

Ryan has more than 10 years of recruiting and executive search experience, having worked extensively in the Finical Services and Insurance industries across Asia & Japan. He previously worked for a U.S.-based recruiting firm and has close ties with the North American and Asian markets.

Ryan is the driving force behind Slate’s Pan-Asian expansion and the growth of the Slate Group globally. He currently is covering the finance sector for Asia & Japan, predominately focused on operations, risk, & control.

Born in Alberta, Canada, Ryan has a degree in history from the University of British Columbia. He has lived in Asia since 2005 and splits his time between Manila, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Mitchill Moir, Managing Partner & Principal - Medical Device Practice, Managing Director, Slate Research Center Manila

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    Ray Pedersen

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    Pam Thai

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